It’s been my pleasure to have worked with Michelle. She truly made my job easier as I always knew with any new task/project she would be 100% prepared, have anticipated our needs, and would take the lead to provide solutions to any and all problems/challenges that would arise. I enthusiastically recommend Michelle without reservation.

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Matthew Pikosky, PhD, RD
Vice President, Nutrition Marketing and Affairs, Dairy Management Inc.

I have worked with Michelle to educate the fitness professional thought leader market for nearly 3 years, and she truly understands what it takes to engage with this group. Michelle continuously creates strategies to deliver credible education in a creative way to health & fitness professionals interested in nutrition. Her keen eye for detail and “outside-the-box” ideas make her a great partner!

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Kathleen Ferguson
Brand Strategist, IDEA Health & Fitness Association 

MIchelle has exceptional organizational and planning skills; an adept ability to build and foster relationships with health professionals, nutrition researchers and professional organizations; and is strategy minded — ensuring the broader program objectives are pulled through to individual tactics/projects. The Whey Program would not have been as successful without Michelle’s management.

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Howard Goldstein
Vice President, FoodMinds LLC

I had the pleasure of working for Michelle at The Henry Wine Group. Michelle’s enthusiasm for telling the stories of the families behind the portfolio of fine wine brands that we represented is matched by her instinct for and appreciation of the sales process. With a passion for fine wine she possesses an outstanding ability to get a brand message across to the trade customer or wine consumer clearly and concisely.

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Craig Richmond
Western Region Manager, Opici Wines

Michelle is an invaluable asset on teams, managing effective food and nutrition programs. She is very talented in building relationships with influencers who can extend messages among target audiences. She also has a great deal of experience in bridging these relationships into strategic partnerships, including advisory panels and spokesperson engagement. Michelle is extremely detail-oriented and manages projects efficiently to achieve business goals within budgets and timelines. Finally, she’s well-connected in the food & beverage world and is a fun, creative partner!

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Michelle Kijek
Associate Partner, FoodMinds LLC